Top Styling Tips to Make a Great First Impression

personal stylist for men

While we all hope we can rely on our wit, charm and intelligence, appearance is what initially shapes our impression of someone. Of course this isn’t the case for the long term – as we get to know someone our understanding and opinion of them changes, but when it comes to a first impression, looks are often all we have to go on. 

Appearance means what you wear and how well-groomed you are. Putting a little effort into both styling and grooming will go a long way towards ensuring you always make a great first impression, no matter the scenario…

Get your size right

Sizing changes the look and feel of your clothing dramatically. If you get your size too big, you can look scruffy and this can give the impression that you might be a little lazy or have poor attention to detail. If your clothing is too small this can be very unflattering and may even be distracting to those that you meet. 

To get your size right, get measured by a professional so that you’re confident with what you are buying. Men are all different and have different tastes, but generally tailored clothing that is the right size will suit and flatter everyone.

If in doubt, go smart

Knowing what to wear for each individual event and occasion can be tricky, so I suggest a simple rule – if you’re not sure, go one step smarter to be on the safe side. Dressing well and being well presented is never a bad thing, and it’s far better to be a little overdressed instead of underdressed. 

For example, if you are attending a party and you’re not sure how everyone else will be dressed, swap jeans and a t-shirt for jeans and a shirt with loafers. This approach will ensure you’re not over dressed for the occasion, but that you always make a great first impression.

Accessorise well

Adding the finishing touches to your look shows that you pay attention to smaller details, and will add a well rounded feel. For men accessories are a little different than for women. A great watch is always a must, as well polished shoes and if in a shirt or suit, cufflinks. 

Choose quality

A wardrobe full of inexpensive and low quality items could never match a wardrobe with a smaller selection of quality pieces. The quality of our clothing makes a huge difference when it comes to presenting ourselves to the world. Good quality clothing means you never have to worry about a loose thread, a missing button or sagging material. High quality garments fit better, look better and last much longer, meaning you can continue to wear them for years to come and they will still look great. 

When it comes to dressing to make a great first impression, think about what you notice about other people when you meet them. What do you like about how they are dressed and how does what they are wearing make you feel – you can translate this into your own style, to ensure you always put your best foot forward.