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Personal Styling

The way we look directly affect our career opportunities, salaries, social status and personal relationships.

Your outfit projects a large amount of subliminal information, telling people around you much more than you might think. By looking at the way you dress, people instantly generate subjective image of you in their heads, which include your level of income, your profession, even your nationality and heritage. Once this image is generated, changing it can be a real deal.

Personal Shopping

Shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, particularly in a large dynamic city like Dubai. For many, a slow thoughtful shopping trip is a luxury which they rarely can afford.

If you’d rather spend your time on an important business meeting, on the golf course or on a yacht, our consultants will be happy to help you shop your way through the maze and spend wisely. If you have ever seen an outfit which perfectly matched both the wearer and surroundings, and wondered how to achieve the same effect, a personal shopping trip with our specialists will provide you all the answers you need.

Closet Organization

Choosing the right outfit is an essential key to feel confident in any situation. But while living in a dynamic city like Dubai, shortage of time is quite often an important factor, which leaves no chance for a thoughtful shopping and preparations. Thus, an existing set of items in your wardrobe is the only option.

But what to do if you are not quite sure how to put these items together? Do you often struggle to choose the right outfit for an important business meeting or a specific occasion because your closet requires reorganization? Our professional consultants are here to help you modernize and refresh your wardrobe!

Tailored Service

Our professionals are here to provide you with bespoke style solutions. Be it an important black tie event, a wedding, a trip or business occasion, we will make sure you look neat, feel confident and be proud of your appearance. Should you have a particular styling requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are ready to get going and would like to get in touch, feel free to contact us here.

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