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Personal Styling

Looks affect our career opportunities, our salaries, our status and personal relationships. So why not increase your chances of success by simply changing the way you dress? It’s easier than you might think. During an initial consultation with your personal shopper in Dubai, we’ll discuss in depth what image you want to project and then we’ll provide you with simple tools to achieve it. Your personalized plan will include directions towards styles, color combinations and shapes that are most flattering and those that are best avoided. Aided by this comprehensive style report, you can dress confidently to make the maximum impact with minimum fuss.

Personal Shopping

Shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, particularly in the city of Dubai. If you’d rather be on the golf course or on a boat, we’ll help you shop your way through the maze and spend wisely. A purposeful shopping trip will result in new items that are wearable and easy to match. As your personal shopper in Dubai, we’ll guide you to the stores, designer showrooms, and bespoke men’s tailors where you’re most likely to find pieces that work for your lifestyle and budget. Given a clear sense of direction, you now will be able to spot items that work specifically for you and add to the functionality of your new wardrobe.

Closet Organization

Do you have good staple items but aren’t quite sure how to put them together? Do you struggle to dress up for specific occasions because your closet is a bit of a mess? We’re here to help you modernize and refresh your wardrobe. We will advise which items to keep in your collection, which ones should be altered, and which can be given away. We will provide you with a detailed shopping list to make your wardrobe complete. Organization of items by type, color and occasion will simplify the way you dress every day. You’ll save time and look great.

Tailored Service

We’re here to provide bespoke style solutions. Be it an important black tie event, a wedding, a trip or business occasion, we’ll make sure you feel proud of your appearance. Should you have a particular styling need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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