5 Ways to Dress to Look Slimmer

A capsule wardrobe can be a brilliant asset to the 21st century man. Making effortless style easy to achieve, creating a capsule wardrobe will take the guess-work out of styling for all kinds of occasions, ensuring you always look the part. Also saving you lots of time and worry over what to wear, a capsule wardrobe is full of go-to outfits making dressing in the morning simple.
If you find you struggle with style, a capsule wardrobe could be the answer. Here’s how to create one…

1. Set your magic number

The first task to do when it comes to creating your capsule wardrobe is to set your magic number. This means deciding on the number of items you will have in your closet. For men that generally work in a small number of circles, such as work, casual socialising and occasional formal events, this may be as little as 14 pieces – not including shoes and accessories. For men that travel a lot, have events and meetings to attend and are generally more active socially, this may be more like 20 items.

2. Invest in versatile pieces

The key to nailing a capsule wardrobe is to invest in pieces that can be worn a number of ways. A shirt for example that can be dressed up or down, a jacket that can be worn for work as well as special occasions – each piece should be able to be styled in more than one way. This ensures you get the most outfits out of the smallest number of items.

3. Create a colour palette

Another essential element is creating a colour palette across your collection. This ensures each item works well together, but also offers lots of versatility. Your wardrobe should mostly consist of neutrals, but should also include a few items in colours that you like and that work well with the other items in your wardrobe. As a rule of thumb, choose ten neutral pieces and four colourful pieces.

4. Consider your lifestyle

Your wardrobe should be appropriate to your own unique lifestyle, and can include: casual items, workwear, items for events and special occasions and pieces for outdoor pursuits and sports. When creating your capsule wardrobe, sit down and think about how you spend your time and split your wardrobe up accordingly. Remember you shouldn’t need individual items for each area, and that items should be interchangeable and work across one or two areas of your lifestyle.

For more advice on creating your ideal capsule wardrobe and how to style each item, don’t hesitate to get in touch.