5 Ways to Dress to Look Slimmer

Many men would like to dress well and make themselves look slimmer at the same time, but don’t know how to achieve this. When it comes to styling yourself to appear slimmer, there are various simple tricks that you can put into practice for your everyday look and for special occasion.

1.Try small patterns

Sometimes plain fabrics in a single solid color can make men look bigger, so try a pattern to break things up. The same goes for big patterns though – they can also make you look bigger. Try small textured patterns instead, on shirts or fine knits. Subtle designs draw the eye in and distract and disguise problem areas.

2. Untuck your shirt

A tucked in shirt can highlight the shape of your stomach and draw attention to your waist. Where possible, go for a more casual untucked shirt. To get the untucked look right, go for a flat-bottom shirt.

3. Go for tailored cuts

If you are a little heavier set, it can be all too tempting to wear oversized baggy clothing. This will only make you look larger than you are, and instead you should try more tailored cuts. The key here is getting the fit right – if you can’t fit a thumb comfortably under your waistband without inhaling, or if you need a belt to keep your trousers up, you’re wearing the wrong size. Get your size right first, and then choose more tailored shapes to create a slimmer silhouette.

4. Try vertical stripes

Generally a well fitted suit is quite slimming, because of the single color and unbroken vertical lines from neck to toe. Stripes enhance this further, by elongating the body and drawing the eye up and down, rather than across. Try a pinstripe suit as your go-to for smart wear, or try a vertical stripe t-shirt for off-duty style.

5. Avoid contrasting shades

Colour and shade can either mask a problem area or draw attention to it. In order to minimize drawing attention to your problem areas and make yourself appear taller and slimmer, avoid too much of a contrast between the upper half and lower half of the body. If you wear a similar colour and shade all over, this will de-emphasize your waistline. If you do wear a belt, always wear a dark belt with dark trousers or a light belt with light trousers, to avoid a contrast which will highlight the waist.
Just a few simple changes to how you dress is all you need to enhance your shape, making you appear slimmer and taller. Try these tricks and see what a difference they can make.